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It is common knowledge that what you eat and drink has a direct impact on your overall health. Having a high caloric diet will be harmful to your body. Furthermore, excessive sugary food consumption is directly related to the development of cavities.

However, food is not the only thing that can cause damage to your teeth. What you are drinking could be also affecting them. Therefore, it is essential to know what drinks are harmful to your teeth so you can make adjustments to your diet to maintain excellent oral health.

In this article, we will review the top 5 harmful drinks to your teeth and why.

How can a drink cause damage to your teeth?    

Same as with food, many drinks contain high sugar concentrations, which are processed microorganisms and turn into acid. This process demineralizes teeth and develops cavities.

Another aspect to consider is acidity. Drinks with an acid pH lower than 5.5 can slowly corrode the enamel.

With those things in mind, we can name the top 5 drinks that destroy your teeth.

1. Soda

Soft drinks contain high amounts of sugar and low pH. These two aspects, mixed with the carbonation, turns into a highly harmful substance to your teeth. They can cause erosion and make the teeth more prone to cavities.

Moreover, Cola’s got a higher acidity level compared with other sodas, making them the most harmful among the soft drinks.

Diet sodas are not different. They still got a low pH and sweeteners. Studies have shown that there is no difference between regular and diet sodas of the same brand regarding enamel damage.

2. Coffee

With its pH of around 5.0, coffee is not the most acid drink. However, it still has an impact on the teeth. It can attract bacteria, making the enamel more susceptible to erosion.

Another downside is that the tannins contained in it can pigment teeth surfaces.

3. Wine

Most drinks containing alcohol have high acidity, and wine is not an exception. Alcohol can cause dehydration and reduce saliva production. Thereby, leaving the teeth vulnerable to the effect of acids and sugars.

White wine’s pH level is lower compared to red wine. However, red wine can leave stains when consumed frequently.

4. Tea

Brewed tea sits above the 5.5 pH mark, making it relatively safe to drink.

However, this doesn’t apply to sweet iced tea. Their low pH and high concentration of sugar are capable of destroying your teeth. Foremost, same as with coffee, it can stain your teeth.

Green tea is an exception for this and won’t leave pigments.

5. Energy drink

Energy drinks not only are highly acidic but their sugar and caffeine levels can make you grind your teeth due to the hyperactivity they produce.

These drinks can harm your teeth when consumed frequently. However, this does not mean that you need to stop drinking them. As long as you do it moderately and take the proper oral care, your teeth will remain healthy.

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