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With Kristen M. 33-year-old female from GA.

How did you lose your tooth?

I had a root canal and I clench my teeth, so I fractured my tooth on the upper left.

Why did you decide to go with a dental implant, instead of a bridge or removable option?

The implant was recommended by my dentist. He told me about all my options, but for me it really wasn’t a choice. I didn’t want a bridge, because they would have to shave down my other teeth. And no way was I taking a tooth in and out with a partial denture, I mean I’m only in my early 30’s. 

How did you feel about losing a tooth at such a young age?

It was disheartening for sure. I was really scared about the idea of having a surgical extraction, a bone graft and an implant. I thought it would hurt a lot. 

Did it hurt to get an implant?

Not at all. I was so worried about it being painful, but it didn’t hurt one bit. I could feel there was working being done, but definitely no pain at all. I was completely numb during the procedure and I didn’t even take ibuprofen after the procedure. It was just so easy. 

Can you feel the implant in your bone?

No, I can’t feel it at all. I thought it might feel weird, but it feels like nothing at all. 

Can you or anyone you know tell you have an implant?

Not at all. I actually forget that I even have an implant there and it looks like my other teeth. It’s funny, my friend was asking me about it the other day because her husband may need an implant. I let her look in my mouth and she couldn’t tell which tooth was the implant. She actually guessed the wrong one.

Can you chew the same with your implant tooth?

Definitely. I have never had any issue chewing with my implant it is just like my other teeth. It feels the same and works the same.

Would you recommend a family or friend get a dental implant if they needed a tooth replaced?

Oh yes, hands down! I am so glad I went with the implant and I wouldn’t let them do anything else. 

What would you say to someone who may need teeth replaced, but either has dental anxiety or is hesitant because of the cost?

For those people who are afraid of the dentist or are afraid it will hurt, I would say, there really is nothing to fear. I feel silly looking back at how worried I was about it hurting, because it really was simple and pain-free for me. 

Just tell your dentist if you’re afraid. Mine had multiple options for sedation and anti-anxiety medications. I ended up only being numbed and it was no big deal.

For those worried about the cost, I get it, but I would pay for it again in a heartbeat. My friend has to get way more work done now because he waited so long to do anything about it. It’s costing him way more because he waited. 

I’m so glad I decided to invest in my teeth and in my smile because I want it to look great for my entire life.

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