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Replace All Teeth


The perfect natural teeth simulating appearance and feel provided by implanted teeth has restored comfort and confidence to numerous individuals suffering from tooth loss. Regardless of the number of teeth you are missing, dental implant procedures can help restore that lasting smile you so much desire and more.

At Columbus Periodontics and Implant Center, we are simply the architects of dentistry. Our team of specialists are trained to diagnose a complex problem, identify the perfect solution and direct the treatment. We are highly passionate about our service and often go out of our way to ensure your confidence is restored.

Furthermore, we do not just jump to the implants. First, we examine your candidacy for the dental implants, discuss your smile goals, review your treatment options and develop a surefire strategy to satisfy your unique needs. You come with a problem, you leave with a bold smile and new teeth in one day.

Learn why TeethXpress® is the preferred procedure for replacing four or more teeth.

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Reasons To Choose Our Dental Implant
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Problems with Conventional Dentures.
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Denture Stabilization with Implants
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TeethXpress® offers a new smile in just one day.
Tooth implant instalation process


Your Implant is Placed

Your dental implant is gently placed in the most ideal area of your jawbone, determined by your doctor. The implant is allowed to heal and integrate into your bone, usually 12-16 weeks. Sometimes, your doctor may be able to attach a temporary crown (tooth) to your implant. You will almost always have the option to have some version of a temporary tooth.

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Implant Impressions Taken

After your implant healing period, your restorative doctor will take an impression of the implant in order to design a custom tooth specifically for you! The impression is sent to a qualified laboratory and within a couple of weeks they will send back YOUR abutment (top portion that locks into implant) and crown. This appointment is usually very quick.

dental-implant-3 teeth


Receive Your Final Tooth

This is the day you get your final custom tooth! This appointment is almost always very quick. Your restorative doctor will attach your custom abutment and crown into the implant (easy and pain free). That’s it, now you have your new tooth! Eat again, smile again, be confident!