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Paying for Dental Implants: Use your tax refund wisely & invest in your smile!

Have you thought about investing your tax refund money in something that will last you a lifetime? If not, you should! Most people use their tax refund for something temporary like a vacation, a large purchase, or even an impulse buy. But a tax refund can be an excellent opportunity to get the smile of your dreams.

A Life-Time Investment in You

One of the many great things about dental implants is that they are a one-time investment. Because they are made to last a lifetime, on average more than 30 years, they will save you thousands of dollars in dental care in the long run.

Imagine being able to have a lasting youthful smile and being able to bite into all your favorite foods again, all while making a smart financial decision that will benefit you for years to come.

Investing Your Refund Wisely

According to the IRS, in 2017 individual taxpayers received an average refund of $2,851. (source: Using that refund toward a dental implant procedure is a wise financial decision that will provide a large return on your investment. You get a tax refund every year, but permanent teeth last a lifetime.

Applying your investment towards next year’s refund

I’m sure you’re probably wondering what if my tax refund doesn’t cover my entire dental procedure? Out-of-pocket medical expenses are also tax deductible which means you can apply the remaining costs towards your next year’s refund. Just remember to speak with a Certified Professional Accountant (CPA) for ways to deduct your dental expenses. In addition, many dental offices offer several credit or financing options or even payment plans to help with the cost of dental implant procedures.

Too many people put off dental work to only have it become a much larger financial burden down the road. With dental implants, you have a one-time expense for gorgeous teeth that will last a lifetime. Be smart and use your tax refund to invest in a beautiful smile, and you’ll never need to pay for new teeth again!

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