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Paulette is 57-year-old female from Atlanta, GA. She works at a dental office as both an administrative assistant and a clinical assistant.

Why did you need dental implants?

“When I was growing up, my dentist didn’t really restore teeth, if you were having an issue, they just pulled them. That sounds crazy nowadays, but that is how it was in my town growing up. So, I didn’t have any molars at a young age and started wearing a partial denture when I was 21 years old.”

What is a partial denture?

“A partial is a removable appliance that replaces teeth. It helped me chew, but it wasn’t natural-looking because of the metal clasps that hold it in place and I hated food getting trapped under it and having to take it out to rinse after every meal and taking it out to sleep.”

Why did you choose to get dental implants?

“Well, I really wanted to get rid of my partial and I was having trouble cleaning under the two bridges that I had. I also wanted something that looked natural, because I didn’t like people seeing metal when I smiled.”

How many implants do you have?

“I have 6 implants for over a decade now and they have been great.”

Did it hurt?

“During the pre-operative visit I was prescribed medication to be taken before the surgery to help relax me during the implant placement. I was also prescribed pain medication to be taken as needed after the surgery, but it was very rarely necessary.”

Can people tell they’re implants?

“Not at all! I point that out to patients every day. They can never tell which ones are my natural teeth and which ones are the implants.”

Do you feel more confident smiling now?

“100% more confident! I get compliments literally everyday about how nice my teeth look. I love to smile and I really have to have a nice smile because I speak with patients every single day. Having a great smile is important for anyone who has a job that puts them in front of people.”

What about the cost?

“When it comes to paying for dental implants, I let people know that most folks don’t pay for everything all at once. Most people finance at least part of the procedure. It is important to have options in payment when it comes to health-related expenses. Dental implants can really help improve people’s overall health and quality of life. Implants have certainly done that for me.”

If you could go back in time, would you still get implants?

“Absolutely! I would do it all over again. No joke, not just because I work at a dental office, but because implants have been awesome for me. I have never had one issue with my implants, I can floss between all my teeth now, my smile looks great and I feel better about myself. 

Wait, I would change one thing, I would have done it even sooner!”

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