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What is the opposite sex ACTUALLY looking for? One of dating’s biggest mysteries SOLVED!

There is one universal thing that single men and women are looking for in a potential mate. It stands unchallenged at the top of every poll, it’s the #1 answer on every survey, it’s a deal maker or breaker… It’s your smile. And it needs to look good. 

It turns out that when it comes to your love life, your smile is everything. According to several recent studies, if you’re going to make one thing about your appearance your top priority it should, without question, be your teeth.

Are you sure?!


In’s 2013 study of over 5,000 singles, teeth were listed as the single most important physical attribute in a potential partner for both men AND women.

A study developed by Kelton Research found that when it comes to online dating, those with straight teeth are 57% more likely to get a date, based solely on their picture.

In the same study, 38% of Americans said they would consider not going on a second date with somebody that had misaligned teeth.

In Cosmalife’s Biggest Turnoff” survey, bad teeth were ranked #1 biggest turnoff.

You can fix it!

It’s completely normal to be self conscious about your smile. Maybe your teeth are crooked or you’re missing teeth. Maybe you have stains you can’t get rid of or have some teeth that are abnormally shaped. Whatever your issue may be, it’s fixable!

Now that we’re starting to truly understand the impact our smiles can have on our lives, more and more people are making their teeth a top priority and getting dental implants. According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the number of Americans with implants is now in the millions and growing by 500,000 every year. 

Mystery solved

The expensive salon is unnecessary, cancel your spray tan membership, you don’t need the designer shoes or the high end face creams. While there are still plenty of dating mysteries left to solve, where to invest in your physical appearance is no longer one of them. You can’t go wrong with making your teeth your #1 priority!

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