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If the mere thought of your dentist’s office makes your heart race and your palms sweat, you’re not alone. It happens. People feel nervous about visits to the dentist all the time – especially when it comes to dental implant surgery.

We’ve put together a list of reasons why you should leave that worry behind when it comes to dental implants – a procedure that is less painful than you think.

Reason #1: Your doctor’s got this

Your doctor’s seen it all, from patients who suddenly faint to patients who sprint out the door – so your clammy hands certainly won’t shock them. They understand your anxiety and will make sure you feel as comfortable as possible going into the procedure.

During your surgery, you may even wonder why your doctor seems so calm about drilling holes in your mouth and it’s because he’s truly confident that your procedure will be a success and that you’ll walk away with the smile you’ve been dreaming of.

Reason #2: The process is easy

Your doc is tasked with attaching an artificial tooth root to your jaw bone beneath your gums – and although this certainly doesn’t sound easy on its face, it’s a cinch for a seasoned pro.

Because of your pre-appointment CT scans, your doctor is well-versed in everything your mouth before she even begins. And because the surgery takes only 1-2 hours, doctors often do several a day, so although it may not sound easy to us, they’re not worried.

Reason #3: You can be sedated

Some may choose the local anesthesia route and stay awake throughout the surgery, but if you’re sweating bullets, maybe just go ahead and have yourself knocked out (general anesthesia).

Most every implant dentist has the option for both forms of pain (and anxiety) management.

Reason #4: Recovery is way easier than you think

You and your doctor will develop a recovery plan catered to what works best for you. She’ll likely keep you on liquids for a few days, then you’ll want to stick with soft foods for a while.

Right after surgery, most patients experience minimal discomfort and head home with just some Ibuprofen, but you’ll have the option of some of the more serious stuff too. You may see some swelling or bruising on the gums, but that’ll heal quickly. You’ll be fiiiine! 

Reason #5: Yes, you can afford it

As scary as the price tag seems, it’s completely affordable with the right plan. 

Remember that dental implants are an investment that will last the rest of your life. That beats buying a new car you’ll eventually have to replace the transmission in anyway, right? 

Your New Teeth Now offers a breakdown of dental implant costs and a full directory of dental pros. 

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