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Did you know that dental benefits are provided to veterans by the department of veteran affairs?

Unfortunately, many do not — and sometimes find out too late.

There are multiple eligibility criteria that entitle veterans to different benefits under the scheme. Below we’ve compiled a short introduction on what you should know about Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) dental benefits scheme. Additional information can be found by following links used throughout.

Who Is Eligible For Dental Care Benefits Under the DVA?

Anyone who has served a period of 90 days or more and been discharged for reasons other than dishonorable is eligible for dental care benefits.

Dental care benefits provided through the DVA are broken down into classes. Some Classes offer ongoing oral care for anything necessary to maintain the healthy function of the mouth. Other classes have service and time restrictions placed upon them.

The Class of dental care you are eligible for depends on your specific status. You may be eligible for only a single course of treatment, or you may be eligible for ongoing dental care.

Example 1: A recently discharged veteran who has served more than 90 days can apply for one-time dental care. This application must be made within 180 days of discharge, and only if their DD214 certificate of discharge doe not indicate that a complete dental examination with appropriate treatment was carried out prior to discharge.

Example 2: A Veteran who was a prisoner of war is qualified Class IIC, which entitles them to any needed dental care for the healthy and normal function of their mouth.

There are many classes with different benefits. The DVA has provided a useful fact sheet that explains the different classes and qualifications hereYou can also get information about who qualifies for DVA dental care benefits at this link.

What If I’m Not Eligible for DVA Benefits?

Veterans who don’t qualify, or don’t apply in time, for their DVA dental care benefits can still receive some relief. Veterans can obtain dental care through the VA Dental Insurance Program (VADIP).

Veterans who are beneficiaries of CHAMPVA (Civilian Health and Medical Program of the VA) ar entitled to discounted insurance plans.

To find out more about the DVA’s dental benefits, you can visit this page on their website and use the provided resources.

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